Meet the Team

Two different guys, from different backgrounds, support different teams but we both have one thing in common – WE LOVE SPORT.

We don’t often agree on everything (or anything, sometimes…) but we do agree that sports comes first, then and only then do we have time for all the non-important things in life, such as relationships, work and world peace. As a team we don’t often discuss politics but we do discuss if Van Gaal should play with wing backs, if Arsenal have a genuine title winning team or if Leon will lose his £20 on a hot tip that “George from the Rose and Crown” told him about.

Here at all our reviews have you in mind, we love a bargain nearly as much as we love a winning 66-1 shot at Kempton! We also love sharing our experiences to make your life easier, we’ve gone through the pain so you don’t have to!! We know you will love our recommended sites and our truthful, unbiased reviews will give you all the FACTS so you can make an informed choice. So enough words, time for you to meet our motley crew.

John Kettle is our Senior editorJohn Kettle – Lincolnshire. Just the wrong side of 40, John has followed League and non-league football for over 30 years. Due to the nature of John’s work, John has followed his “local” team wherever he has been based. From the “mighty mariners of Grimsby town” to Blackpool’s Bloomfield road on a cold and wintry Tuesday night, nothing tends to surprise John were football is concerned.

A childhood Manchester United fan, John always looks for the upsets. Nothing annoys him more than missing out on a giant killing bet. Describes his betting as “more for passion than profit”, we can vouch for that as our 69 year old cleaning lady has had more Grand National winners than him. Luckily his poker playing and general knowledge of online casinos has stopped us giving his role to Ethel the cleaner. Although John should be afraid….very afraid… John lists his interests as Sport (but not Golf as that’s not a real sport!!!), drinking (we assume Tea) and online gaming. An ideal day for John is 3 football matches back to back with a full fridge of beer and snacks galore.

Get to know Leon Marshall, our football expertLeon Marshall – is not a regular guy from the North-East of England. Born and raised in Newcastle, it may come as a surprise to you, that he is not a part of the Toon Army. A passionate Arsenal supporter, he doesn’t mind the ‘gloryhunter’ tag his boyhood friends gave him. Even though his main focus is on the domestic football, Leon is familiar with all leading (and not only) European leagues. The 24-year old is a smiling and positive person that is easy to talk to. Especially about football and betting on it. Regardless if he’s in the middle of a heated discussion, dinner party or even on a date, Leon can always squeeze out some time to place a bet on his tablet that he just thought of. Having football on his mind 24/7, Leon The Geordie-Gunner really can give you useful and lucrative advice on sports betting.

We team up perfectly and really hope that you will find the content of our website useful. If you have an enquiry of any kind, don’t hesitate to send it to our email: mailbag@. We will gladly do our best to help you.

Our Values

Unbiased, Trustworthy, Honest.

“A good mission statement captures an organisation’s unique and enduring reason for being, and energises stakeholders to pursue common goals. It also enables a focused allocation of organisational resources because it compels a firm to address some tough questions: What is our business? Why do we exist? What are we trying to accomplish?” (Bart, 1998).

Our Mission. As you can see, we are an enthusiastic collective with a common passion – betting on sports. That’s why our team can relate to you so easily and provide you with complete and relevant information that covers every last detail. Looking at the bigger picture, we did spend some time to carefully inspect each and every of our featured bookmakers. You have probably read or at least heard these disturbing stories about an average bloke, who got lucky and won a great deal of cash. Sadly, the plot twist comes and his cheeky grin freezes once the bookmaker refuses to pay him for one reason or another. Don’t worry, this is exactly what you will NOT get by siding with any of our featured operators. They all have an outstanding reputation throughout the UK and guarantee you safe and sound betting experience, we are totally independent and have the freedom to say it like it is.

Betting Review Ratings Explained

Read about the criteria we usedBefore writing any reviews, the team sat together discussing what makes a great betting site. As with most things in life, what’s good for Peter might not be good for Paul. However, on closer examination, we agreed on what is important to us all and what would influence our scores.

For each and every review, we consider over 40 individual factors. Obvious things like initial bonus amounts are taken into account but also more obscure information like how many touches does it take on an Ipad to bet on Shrewsbury Town winning a League 2 encounter are also considered to give you ultimate satisfaction with our reviews.

This level of detail makes us very confident to advocate sites to you, our highly recommended sites are not just good, they are top of their class. To really ensure you are matched to a bookmakers that meets your needs, if we find a bookmaker is lacking in a certain area we will do our best to recommend another so you can make an informed decision.