How to play Keno lottery online-Fun88

How to play Keno lottery online-Fun88
How to play Keno lottery online-Fun88

What is the difference between Keno and lottery online at Fun88?


What is the difference between Keno and a regular lottery online at Fun88?

Keno seems very similar than lottery online, but you can find some differences between playing lottery online and keno.

The difference between indian lottery and keno  is that when you play Keno at Fun88 for real mone y, you decide how many numbers you choose, and you also decide how much your ticket should cost. You can decide to play just one number, or two, or three - up to ten numbers are possible. That’s the difference between lottery and keno lottery!

The payout you receive when you have chosen enough winning numbers depends, of course, on how many numbers you have played.

Perhaps the biggest difference of all is the fact that in each draw 20 winning numbers are drawn from a total of 70 possible numbers. This means that your chances of winning are quite high. Imagine you have chosen just three numbers, and 20 of the 70 numbers will be drawn! Of course, playing only 3 numbers means that your top prize will be lower.

However, the important thing is that you decide what your ticket should look like.

Tough, you are able to decide how much money you want to risk: that's what the multiplier function is for. If you choose a combination of numbers, your Keno ticket will cost you 1.68 dollars. It doesn't matter how many numbers you decide to choose.

Even tough, you can set the multiplier to 2 - now your ticket costs 3.36 dollars, but your potential winnings are also doubled. To see the payouts for this multiplier, set the drop-down menu to 2, and you will see that the payouts have changed.


If you choose the highest multiplier, you can win the maximum amount of real money, which is $1 million.

If you are looking for quite a bit of entertainment, then the next time you visit a casino you should consider playing Keno. This is one of the most overlooked games in casinos. Fortunately, it is one of the most exciting and fun to play.
This fast-paced game will give you all the excitement you are looking for in a casino.

Keno is a popular lottery online-based game and is played by millions of casino-loving players around the world who are attracted by the incredible jackpot that the game offers.

Playing Keno at Fun88 is like playing the lottery online. You need to pick the numbers and wait for them to come up. In this article we will show you everything you need to know about this casino game and how to win.


Keno is one of the oldest games in the world, in fact its beginnings date back to more than a thousand years ago when in ancient China the Han dynasty started to play it. Despite its Asian origin, its name comes from Latin or French.

According to legend, Cheung Leung, who led the Han dynasty, needed money to continue his wars. Unfortunately for him, he had already raised taxes on his residents so much that another increase was unthinkable, so he came up with the fantastic idea of a new game to raise the funds to build the great wall of China.

The Keno of ancient times was quite different from the one we know today. In the ancient Chinese version, it was played with 120 Chinese characters as opposed to the 80 that are used today in modern China.

Keno became a hit in San Francisco when it was introduced by Chinese merchants in the early 20th century. The Chinese characters were changed during this time to make it easier to use for American players who did not understand Mandarin.

Later, when gambling games were legalized in Nevada, Keno was banned as it was considered a lottery online, so casinos decided to name it "Racehorse Keno" to disguise it as a horse racing event.

How to Play Keno: Keno Terms

To understand the game, you must first familiarize yourself with the language used.


  • Spot: This term can be found on casino pay tables and refers to the number of numbers you mark on the card.
  • Catch: This term refers to how many of the numbers you chose match the numbers drawn in the casino draw.
  • Anyone can play if they know the rules of course. In the live version of the game the player marks anywhere between 1 and 20 on a card with 80 numbers arranged in 8 rows of 10.

The player then chooses a card and turns it over and at the same time makes a bet that the chosen number will be drawn from the 20 numbers of the next draw.

Keno Payout


The table below shows how much you could win with a 1-coin bet. You need to multiply these amounts by the amount you are betting. So, in the example below if you place a $2 bet, pick 4 numbers and match 3 you would win $12 ($2×6).

Depending on how much you bet and if your number comes up, the winnings can be substantial. For example, if you bet on 8 numbers you win if you get 5,6,7 and 8.

Tips when playing keno at the casino

When playing the game of Keno, one of the key factors to keep in mind is that the game is based on luck. The amount of skill used in Keno is limited to choosing the best type of ticket to play and making sure you receive your winnings.

When playing Keno, you have no ability to influence the numbers that will be chosen at random. Keno is a guessing game, unlike skill-based card games such as poker and blackjack in the casino.


Before deciding in which casino to play Keno, check the payouts for the game. Often this information, which is printed on the back of the Keno card you are filling out or posted on a payout table near where you pick up your card.

Not all payouts are the same; compare which casinos offer payouts to get the lowest number right and which offer the highest prize. Playing at a casino that offers the lowest payout on the same bet is simply cheating yourself out of money.

Ask the Keno front desk if there are any specials for Keno at the casino currently. Sometimes casinos have special offers with a special payout if you play a certain number of numbers on a Keno card and get 0 correct. If you don't ask, you could end up pulling a winning Keno ticket.

Time limit for cashing a ticket

Check with the casino about how long you must cash out your winning Keno ticket. The Keno Guide website indicates that some casinos only give a very limited time, for example, five minutes after the draw, to cash in a winning ticket; others allow up to a year to redeem a winning ticket.

One strategy suggested by the website is to purchase tickets for several Keno games at once; this way if one of the first couple games win, you will have more time to redeem them since the countdown starts after the expiration of the last game on your ticket.

When purchasing your ticket, find out where you can cash in on your ticket. You may have to take the ticket to the cashier's booth, but some casinos have machines that will read your winning tickets and pay out, which reduces the amount of time standing in line.

Spins are not related to past drawings

Ignore the video bulletin boards in casinos that show the most frequent Keno winning numbers. According to the Keno rules, some players feel these numbers are hot and bet on them, while others believe that, since the odds for all numbers are equal, that numbers not on that list are likely to win early.

Neither of these two perspectives is valid, because each Keno draw is independent of the previous one.

This means that even if a number has been a winner 10 games in a row, it has the same odds of being a winner in the next game as a number that has not been a winner in the last 50 games. Keno machines do not match how often numbers are drawn as winners and try to keep them even.

Daily Keno

Keno is a real money game where you must choose numbers to create a Keno ticket, and then there will be a draw that will decide the winning numbers. So, the aim, of course, is to have as many matching numbers on your Keno ticket as possible.

The more numbers that match the numbers in the Keno draw, the more money you will win. So far, everything seems to work similarly to the "normal" lottery online, where you pick 6 numbers out of 49, plus maybe one or two extra numbers. But Keno has a different format.

Playing online lottery in India and keno at Fun88

You can start playing Fun88 Keno and lottery online by your own but doing it one of the most reputable Asian sites. Fun88 is consider a reliable website for Asian players. Also, you can have many advantages when playing online lottery india at Fun88.

Fun88 offers a great and user-friendly interface. Moreover, if you want to play lottery online on your mobile phone, you can download Fun88 App and start playing not only lottery but dozens of casino games at Fun88 like lottery in India.

In addition, when you download Fun88 App, you can bet on your favorite teams. Sports betting at Fun88 is safe, legal and easy to manage.

So, if you are into lottery online, keno and other lottery games and sports betting, you can download Fun88 App or start playing at Fun88 site on your laptop or desktop.

Visit Fun88 and enjoy yourself at Fun88!

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